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Abdullah Al Redwan

Abdullah Al Redwan
Redwan in 2021
BornSeptember 03, 2005
Sherpur, Bangladesh
🏳️ NationalityBangladeshi
💼 Occupation
Blogging, Web Developer, Entrepreneur
📆 Years active  2016
🏅 AwardsBest Web Hunter 2020

Abdullah Al Redwan, (born September 03, 2005) known professionally as Redwiat, is a Bangladeshi Blogger Personality, Entrepreneur, Web developer, Programmer, SEO Expert, Online journalist, Digital Marketer, Publisher. Who founded PckaBD, Inc. The website development and graphics design solution software company. He is also the founder of Tech Solider.com[1]. It is now one of the most popular educational websites for English paragraphs. Redwiat (Abdullah Al Redwan) providing the latest tech news, gaming, hacking, software, web development, gadgets review, SEO, digital marketing, gadgets, YouTube tutorial, blogging & more on their YouTube channel or website.[2][3]

Meaning Of Redwiat[edit]

Basically, Redwiat has two different words Red-Wiat. Red is half of his name (Redwan). Redwiat (Abdullah Al Redwan) is a combination of his name, letters, and unique words. "Abdullah Al Redwan" has created its Internet name "Redwiat"

School Life[edit]

Redwiat (Abdullah Al Redwan) studied at Sherpur Government Victoria Academy. He was a student in the Commerce Department.

Early Life[edit]

Redwiat (Abdullah Al Redwan) was born in Sherpur, Bangladesh.

In 2013, When he was in class 3. He is starting to learn coding, programming and many think about the internet with Google and YouTube. A few days later, he started his first blog website the website called "Kipper Bangla". After some editing, he simply posts another person's content.

Since then, he has created several more websites and YouTube channels. But after some time, He realizes that it was wrong. He deletes and down such websites and YouTube channels.


A few years later in 2015, when he was in the 5th class, he started a fast good website called " Unique Bengali". On that website, He started posting daily fairy tale stories, tutorial-type content in Bengali, and English language content.

A few days later, due to various problems, he shut down his website and YouTube channel and moved away from the Internet.

In 2016, he again launched a website development and graphics design solution website called " PckaBD".

1 year later in 2018, he launched a professional blogging education and technology content website called " Tech Solider ". Now it is one of the most popular educational websites for paragraphs.

He is now the founder of Tech Solider, PckaBD, Inc. & many more online ventures.


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